Student Testimonials

Every semester we hear back from our students about their various successes as a result of this course. Some were able to obtain a job or a summer internship using the skills they learned in CSCI571. Some are about to get a Green Card and need us to write a letter of recommendation. And some are just applying for jobs and need us to indicate how well they have done mastering the material in this course. We are always happy to do so.

Below is a set of quotes from student emails.

- Ellis Horowitz and Marco Papa

General Feedback

Now that we are in the finals week, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for keeping the course so upto date with the industry standards. This was one of the best courses that I have taken at USC. From knowing nothing related to web, now knowing more than an intermediate level has only helped me boost confidence in myself while gaining the precious knowledge. All the all nighters spent are truly worthy because I learnt so much. Thank you again for the challenging assignments, really loved the details that were made a part of it. Also thank you for being such a great and awesome professor. Really loved coming to the class and interacting with you. I wish you a very good year ahead. Hope I see you soon in the future as a mentor in my journey ahead at USC and life.

- Shubham A.Uttarwar 11/30/19

I am writing to thank you for the tremendous knowledge you helped me gain with the course. You are a very nice instructor. I am very glad to take your class. Your lectures are pretty interesting, industry-applicable and friendly to a rookie. The projects of the course are incredibly time-consuming, but really satisfying when I finished and they covered a lot of different things that are useful in my future. On the other hand, the best part of your course is to help me learn to self-study efficiently in programming. I learned a lot from this course. Thank you for all the efforts you make to help me grow.

- Junjing Wen 12/10/19

Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy schedule, to write this letter for my permanent residency application. You're one of the best teachers I have had. I would attend every one of your lectures at USC and that helped achieve a strong foundation in Web Technologies. The projects helped me to get noticed by recruiters when I was looking for a job.

- Jyotsna Venkatesh 6/20/19

I hope you are doing well. Now that we are heading towards the end of our course, I would like to thank you for the tremendous knowledge you've helped me gain with CSCI 571. It helped me bag an internship with amazing pay and perks in Bay Area. You helped me meet my primary goal, to have an exponential learning curve and to get an internship of my dreams. Yes, the homeworks are heavy and it can be frustrating when you have assignments of multiple subjects piled up, but I guess it is worth our efforts. Keep doing the awesome job you are doing!

- Neekita Salvankar 4/16/19

I took CSCI 571 during my first semester at USC in Fall '17. Prof. Papa is an excellent teacher and his lectures ensured that I built up a solid foundation in Web Technologies. The assignments are challenging but also rewarding and serve as an introduction to what it's like to actually work in the industry. Using my skills I obtained through this course, I was able to land several internship and job offers at companies like CBS, VMware, Quora etc. I also had the opportunity of working as grader and producer – a role I thoroughly enjoyed. I took great pleasure in helping fellow students who took this course in subsequent semesters and making assignments which I'm certain the students enjoyed building.

- Kunal Shah 11/29/18

I graduated in May 2011 from USC and am currently working at Netflix. I took the class during Fall 2010 and the course helped me greatly to get accustomed to the industry standards. Getting an A grade in the course helped me to get an internship at Intersect World LLC wherein I was able to work on mobile application development where I gained valuable experience in problem solving and application development. I am really grateful to Prof. Papa for the course and the internship and also for providing reference for my Green Card application.

- Anoop Panicker 2/7/18

I think this has been the most interesting, informative, and useful class I have ever taken. I'll likely be referencing the website for years. I've recommended this course to everyone I know.

- Brian Vanover

Thank you very much for this wonderful learning experience, Web Technologies became my favorite course at USC. I applied for grader in Fall, hope that I have a chance to working with you and help to pass this wonderful experience to more students.

- Linchi Zhang

I am a graduate Computer Science student at USC pursuing Master's Degree and in my third Semester. I had taken Web Technologies last semester, and it has been very inspirational and a life changing course for me.

- Ishita Mohindra

This course at USC broadened my skill set and gave me exposure to multiple web technologies that are being used widely in industry. I got multiple internship and full time job offers from one of the best tech companies in North California and Southern California, thanks to this course and the awesome guidance of the Professors.

- Vasu Jain

I just wanted to say thanks for everything. Your class is easily one of the best classes I've had the privilege of attending in all my years as a student.

- Shashank Gowdagiri

Got a Job

When I got through Google's hiring committee, two managers from YouTube wanted me on their team because of the iOS app I built for your class last semester (Fall 2018). Thanks for the really hard class that nonetheless pushed me outside my comfort zone and forced me to learn new things. I picked YouTube's 'below-the-player' team. I'll be working on everything below the video player (i.e. likes, comments, recommendations) for the iOS app. It's going to be in San Bruno. I definitely loved all the hospitality they displayed to me when I was interviewing! Free rides, great food, they really pull out all the stops! I'm really looking forward to working there.

- Karan Singh Gill

I'm writing to show my gratitude toward you and this class. I really learned a lot from your class. The last two homework are hard but rewarding, pushing me to learn new stuff. The class content is abundant and can easily relate to everyday life. Moreover, it's a practical course that I can apply immediately into industry. This summer I'll be interning at Expedia and I'm sure this class gives me a good starting point of my first industrial experience. Thank you.

- Qingfeng Du

The course made me learn a lot. It also gave me an on-campus job in USC Housing and an internship along with the opportunity to work at a start-up. Even the guest lecture arranged by you helped me a lot as I was not familiar to SCRUM and AGILE development and the company for which I am interning this summer uses AGILE development. That introductory lecture on introducing us to AGILE development really helped. All thanks to you!

- Tushal Desai

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I have been offered an internship from Intel. I gave my third round if interview just yesterday and I was asked all sorts of questions on server side and client side scripting in addition to various questions involving JSON, jQuery, Javascript etc etc. If I had not taken the Web Technologies course under you, I wouldn't have been able to answer the questions. Adding to this, my practical experience with Assignment 8 really helped me impress the interviewer.

- Krupa Pratap Brahmkstri

Hi Professor. I hope you are doing great. Just wanted to let you know, i got the gig, I am joining PayPal beginning next Monday May 19th, 2014. Thanks for the reference.

- Vasu Jain

I am your student from the CS571 Web Technologies (Fall'12) and was a grader for the same course in Fall'13. I really like the course content and the way the assignments are structured. I cited you as my reference and have a job offer from Apple as a Software Developer. Thanks a ton for the experience.

- Sushant Chavan

I am having a good time here interning at eBay, San Jose. You would be glad to know that all the web tech class experience and also the CS572 crawling/searching experiences are coming into such effective use.

- Aman Bakshi

Only a few days back I was offered an internship at PayPal/eBay in android development. Thanks to Assignment #9. I spoke about this for 10 minutes and the interviewer was very much impressed.

- Vinyas Kedigehalli

I found this class to be the most useful and beneficial, as I am using the skills on my day to day job at Smartbox Mobile, Inc. And I still feel grateful for your course.

- Tao Ma

I took your class last semester and I would like to let you know that as a result, this semester, I shall be resuming an internship position at Demand Media, the best tech company to work for in LA according Many of my interview questions were topics we'd treated in class.

- Bankole Oluwole

I'm very happy to inform you that I was fortunate enough to crack both Intel & Cisco interviews and got offers from both companies. I have decided to join Cisco Systems (San Jose World HQ). I thank you from bottom of my heart for all your support so far.

- Swapnil Kulkarni

I will be joining Yahoo! in Sunnyvale. Besides, I also received offers from various other renowned companies including Microsoft, Amazon and Ericsson. Again, thanks to all the efforts you had put in.

- Mohit Goenka

I wanted to inform you that i have been accepted into Cisco. I really want to thankyou for your reference. You have been a great support for me and i am really grateful to you for that.

- Jagpal Singh Gill

I got an offer from DirecTV for summer internship. The position is Web Development. I would like to thank you for this. Your class CSCI 571 taught me a lot.

- Pankaj Luthra

After graduating I worked with Yahoo from July 2008 to September 2010 and now I am currently working with Microsoft. During the CS 571 coursework, I got the opportunity to learn various concepts. Thanks to your coursework, it's really helping me in my day-to-day job routine.

- Vish Patel

I took Web Technologies (CS 571) under you. I cleared the first round of interview for a company called EPIC Systems Corporation. Can you please provide me with a reference.

- Yogesh Shrivastava

I took Web Technologies and cited you as a reference. I have gotten a job at Apple as a web developer. Thanks.

- Deepak Ghosh

I took CSCI 571 under your guidance in Spring 2003. I learned a lot. I am now working for Symantec.

- Avani Patel

I was one of your students at CS 571. I started to work at Amazon by the help of your reference and the subjects I learned in your class leaded my career most.

- M. Gokhan Ozer

Wanted to let you know some good news. I recently got an offer from Cisco.

- Kashyap Merchant

I had taken CS 571 under you in Spring 2006. I was hired by Google and I want to thank you.

- Amey Ukadgaonkar

I was a student in your CSCI 571 class. Despite earning a B, the class was very helpful nonetheless and I'm now working at Palm as a software developer.

- Wesley Yeh

I wanted to thank you and Professor Papa for giving me the opportunity to work under your guidance on the development of the Android application. In fact taking Web Technologies also helped me in getting an awesome full-time job position with Mindjolt.

- Ankit Jhalaria

I had taken CSCI 571 under Prof. Papa in Fall 2007. The concepts and technologies learned in this course as helped me secure a full time position in eBay. I would also like to thank Prof. Papa for providing me with a reference letter for my Green Card processing.

- Kunal

Getting a Green Card

My employer (Cisco Systems) is sponsoring my permanent residency and would like a verification of enrollment letter signed by my professor to demonstrate experience and all the special skills [leaned in CSCI571].

- Jyotsna Venkatesh 6/20/19

I am Liqiong Bu and I am currently working at Snap. I am currently applying for Green Card and needs a verification on skills I gained on class. I had CSCI 571 in FALL 2015 and gained a lot of skills through this class and thank you for providing the reference letter about what I learned from CSCI 571 to support my PERM green card application.

- Liqiong Bu

I was a graduate student in USC from Aug 2011 thru May 2013. Currently, I'm working at Apple Inc. as a software engineer. Apple is preparing green card application for me, and per the attorney I need to get some skills verified by either former employers or colleges. Among the list of skills, Objective-C, iOS and OS X cannot be verified by my former employer because I didn't utilize these skill while I was working there. These skills however, I utilized when I was working on an CSCI 571 project. Could you please help me verify these skills (Objective-C, iOS, OS X)? The attorney group (Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP) can provide standardized templates.

- Mingzhe Zhang

I graduated from USC in May 2013 with an MS in Computer Science. I am working for Yahoo Inc. since then. Yahoo would like to proceed with my PERM (Permanent Labor Certification) application. Would you be willing to provide a recommendation stating that I have taken the required courses at USC? I can send you a copy my GPA sheet and copy of my diploma. I also scored an 'A' grade in your web tech class.

- Shruthi Venkateswaran

I have taken CSCI571 in 2013 Fall and get a Grade of A, thank you for your great instruction, it really helps me a lot. I’m writing to ask whether you can provide a reference letter about what I learned from CSCI571 to support my PERM green card application.

- Minhua Xu

Facebook is applying green card for me, and a letter from you verifying that I acquired some skills during my study at USC will be very helpful in that process. I would really appreciate it if you could support me with such a letter. Facebook’s immigration lawyers have drafted the letter as attached.

- Iris Qu

I was graduate student at USC Viterbi from Jan 2013 to May 2014. Now I am working with Yahoo and my employer is applying for Green Card. For Green Card documentation process, I am requested to provide reference from University professors.

- Pankaj Chaudhari

I graduated in May 2014 and have been working at Symantec Corporation in Culver City, CA as a SQA Engineer. Symantec is filling for my permanent residency/green card. For the same, I need some recommendation letters for some of the skills I gained during my Masters program at USC. It'll be a great help if you can help me with the same.

- Ankit Nagda

Currently I have joined Facebook, Inc. And the knowledge I learned form the course is really helped, I do lots of PHP work, and JavaScript. And FB will help me apply for green card soon.

- Yu Sun

I have given your name as a reference since I believe most of the skills i am using in my current position are from what I learned in your course.

- Teja Limaye

I was a student in your CSCI 571 class during Spring 2007. I am currently working for Microsoft. They want to apply for my PERM labor certification now.

- Teertha Prithvish

I took CS571 under you in spring 2007. I did very well in the course and scored an A. Currently I am working for Akamai technologies. They want to file green card for me. I will appreciate it if you would write a letter on my behalf.

- Munish Luthra

I undertook CSCI571 in Spring 2007. I am now employed with DirecTV. As part of my application for permanent residency they need a letter from you.

- Adil Fulara

I hope you recall me. I have been working at Yahoo for 2 years and now they are applying for my permanent residency. I hope I can get a letter of reference from you.

- Imran Shaikh

I am currently enrolled in CS 571 and was just hired as a summer intern at NVIDIA. It has been a great learning experience.

- Saquib Patia

Asking for a Reference

Note: Recommendations and letter of references are only given to students to who earned a grade of 'A' in the course.

I had taken CSCI 571 under your guidance during the last semester. I secured 'A' grade in the course and I am also one of the current Graders for this course. I am looking for Summer 2015 internships, so I just wanted to request you to provide me with a reference letter or recommendation letter for the same.

- Harsh M. Shah

I took your course CSCI 571 Web Technologies in Spring 2010. I am interviewing at Mathworks. Would you be so kind as to provide a letter of reference.

- Raghunandan Mukundan

I have an offer of an internship for IBM India. I would request you to please give me your reference.

- Krati Ahuja

I will be graduating in May 2010. I got an A in your course and have an interview with Harris Corporation. I request you for a recommendation letter.

- Ankit Mehta

After interviewing with a company called ITA Software, they require a letter of reference. Could you please provide one.

- Yassine Ennaji

I took CSCI 571 course under your teaching in Spring 2009 and received an A grade. I have an interview with Qualcomm. Can you please provide them with a reference.

- Adnan Khan

I was a student of CSCI571 last Fall. I completed the course with an A grade. I am interviewing with Mathworks and hope you will provide me with a reference.

- Sharath Prabhal

I am a student and was enrolled in CSCI 571 under you during Spring 2007. It has been a great learning experience. I am scheduled for an interview with Yahoo.

- Saquib Patia

I was in your Web Technologies class in Spring 2006. I have decided to pursue an MBA. Can you please provide me with a letter.

- Maunic Dharia

I took CS 571 in 2004. I am currently working at SOA Software, and I have an interview at Google. Can I please review your notes as a refresher?